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Meikon 100M Underwater photography Strobe


Meikon latest research and development of 100 meters underwater diving flash, November 2016 officially listed;

> DF-8, a new type of underwater photographic flash [DF-8], can also capture the water in the deep bottom of the sea, wonders of the sea, DF-8 can be included SLR cameras and small digital cameras, white LED flash device, GN value of 32 , Can withstand water pressure depth of 100 meters, to facilitate the water photography;
> DF-8 has 11-segment exposure control (GN1 / 1.4 / 2.8 / 4/5 / 5.6 / 8/11/16/22/32), can adjust the amount of control into the light, color temperature 5600K, irradiation angle of 100 * 100 degrees , In operation, the brightness can be adjusted disk off index, exposure compensation to exposure adjustment;
> The DF-8 can also be installed a variety of batteries, the standard battery can be continuously cited flash 500 times, nickel-metal hydride batteries can be cited 600 consecutive flash, in the case of all-optical output, after a discharge battery 3 seconds, Ni-MH battery 1.5 seconds call back;
>At present Meikon Meikang sells only flash, not fiber optic cable, the proposed use of INON and Sea & Sea fiber optic lines, their fiber optic cable is the best light transmission on the market, can more accurately issue TTL function (standard fiber optic cable port);


Product Type: Underwater Strobe




Diving Depth: Max.100M
IP Grade:: IPX8
Flash Index / Numeric Support: GN32 (onshore ISO100)
Fiber Optic Cable (TTL Compatible Camera Mode)
USB (compatible with Nikon's camera ITTL mode)
Optical cable and USB sync TTL, through the optional button to adjust the brightness (flash index)

1.5v / AA batteries / 1.2V Ni-MH battery / AA 堿 of the battery / AA nickel-metal hydride batteries

Focus Light / Exponential Level / TTL Compensation:
3W LED, manual / automatic (automatic 8 seconds off), exposure automatically shut down
11 (GN1 / 1.4 / 2.8 / 4/5 / 5.6 / 8/11/16/22/32)
(EV-0.3 / -0.7 / -1.0 / -1.5 / -2.0) (EV + 0.3 / + 0.7 / + 1.0 / + 1.5 / + 2.0)
MOQ: 1pcs
Packaging Details:

Common box packing/Gift box packing

OEM and customized packing is welcome

Port: Shenzhen/Hongkong
Place of origin: Shenzhen,China


The official standard: flash * 1, fiber optic cable * 1, soft cover * 1, waterproof ring * 1, silicone * 1, manual * 1 (US Kang color box packaging).

Recommended accessories: simple bracket, camera waterproof shell, arm, buoyancy arm, fiber optic cable, butterfly clip, torch clip, adapter ring, optical glass cover, filter (according to your use with diving accessories, welcome to buy).


Detection before use:
1. Check the flash function, whether the camera can work properly;
2. Check whether the waterproof ring has defects, Phi Phi and Ann have debris (for example: hair, sand, etc.);
3. Please do not use nails or sharp things in contact with the waterproof ring, if found in the water circle scratches or gaps, please replace the new waterproof ring;


After the use of maintenance:
1. Use a soft cloth to clean the flash, do not soak or clean the inside of the battery holder with a damp cloth;
2. Use fresh water flash outside (water temperature does not exceed 40 degrees), and then use a soft cloth to dry, ventilated dry;
3. If often used in seawater, soak in soapy water for more than 1 hour to remove sediment (locked state);
4. Remove the water ring after the application of oil coated, and then wipe with cotton, sealed bag or save back into the flash groove, into the sealed bag installed (during the battery cover is open, do not lock, so Can better save the waterproof ring of elastic), the proposed replacement of a year waterproof ring;

Meikon "advantage

Provide: 1. Products cost-effective, rich variety and reasonable price;
2. Factory implementation of the industry's most stringent quality testing standards;
3. Professional R & D department, advanced production equipment, support OEM / ODM;

Service: 1.24 month warranty service allows you to worry-free;
2. Professional quality service solutions, welcome any feedback suggestions;
3. 100% waterproof product before shipment test (according to the underwater pressure button to test the product);

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