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Meikon MK-15 2400LM 100M Diving Flashlight


> Lightweight portable, good heat dissipation;
> The use of tempered glass mirror, crack strong light transmission;
> Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 as the main material, and then oxidation;
> Low power consumption, using a single 32650 battery, working time up to 2-10 hours;
> Flashlight dustproof and waterproof test level is IP68, the maximum diving depth can reach 100 meters;
> Low battery indicator, this flashlight battery anti-reverse function, positive and negative access to the wrong red display;


Product Type: Diving Flashlight


Meikon MK-15

Aluminum alloy 6061-T6

Size: 134*50mm
Diving Depth: Max.100M
IP Grade: IPX8
Brightness / lamp beads / color temperature / wavelength / working hours:

White light 2400 lumens, CREE-XML U2 * 4pcs, 5800-8300k, 2 hours
Red light 200 lumens, XP-E N4 * 2pcs, 620-630nm, 5 hours
Violet 3 watts, PD * 2pcs, 395-400nm, 5 hours
Laser 5 megawatts, 1pcs, 650nm, 10 hours

Waterproof element:
O-ring gasker
MOQ: 1pcs
Packaging Details:

Common box packing/Gift box packing

OEM and customized packing is welcome

Port: Shenzhen/Hongkong
Place of origin: Shenzhen,China


Package List: Diving Flashlight*1,Waterpoof gasket*1,User manual*1


[Check the Diving Flashlight before use]

1.Check the Diving Flashlight, Make sure the exterior is not damaged and make sure the lens window is not dirty,if it is dirty,gently wipe it with a soft, fry cloth;

2.Check the O-ring and mounting groove, Make sure there is no debris(e.g. hair,sand or dirt) attached to the O-ring or in the mounting groove;

3.Check the Diving Flashlight in water, Place the housing in a depth of at least 200mm for more than 5 minutes, press the button to move the zoom lever to check for warter seepage.


[After the use of Diving Flashlight maintenance]

1.Use fresh water to clean the outside of the Diving Flashlight(water temperature not exceeding 40 degrees),and then use a soft cloth to dry,ventilated palce to dry;

2.If often used in salt water,soak in soapy water for more than 1 hour to remove sediment;

3.Use a soft cloth to clean the inside of the machine;

4.After the O-ring is removed for cleaning,it should be O-ring in a sealed bag, which can prolong the service life.

5.We recommend that you replace the waterproof o-ring once a year to ensure that the waterproof case remains waterproof.


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